Franklin County Sheriff


Geoff Stobart is the Chief Deputy in charge of Corrections and Court Services for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Columbus, Ohio. With a career spanning over 25 years, Chief Stobart has gained wide and deep experience within the Sheriff's Office. He currently manages its largest Division with 748 employees. In January 2013, the Franklin County Sheriff promoted him to Chief of the Corrections and Court Services Division, responsible for the custody and care of more than 2,000 inmates in two jails, and for the security and safety of all individuals working in Franklin County government buildings. In 2014, his Division grew by 80 civilians to including Facility Security operations that until then had been managed by Franklin County Public Facilities Management. Today, Facility Security Unit operations are integrated in a single Court Services Bureau within the Sheriff's Office, employing 184 deputies and civilians. The new unit is responsible for the security and safety of eight downtown county government buildings and four off-site locations.

From his first Sheriff's Office job in June 1990, when he was assigned to third shift at the main jail downtown, and continuing today, Chief Stobart has been dedicated in every position he has worked. Promoted to Corporal in February 1995, he moved from the main jail to the Radio Room, and then to the Special Investigations Unit at the end of 1996. In Special Investigations, he worked on just about every kind of crime - vice, narcotics, high profile cases, homicide, and felony wiretaps. During his time with SIU, he served on the FBI's Organized Crime Task Force, and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He also served as the commander of the Sheriff's Office Dive Team. In 2002, then Sgt. Stobart moved to Community Relations and supervised the DARE program to youth in schools. In June 2003, Sheriff James Karnes promoted him to Lieutenant and transferred him to the jail on Jackson Pike. In early 2005, Lt. Stobart moved to Internal Affairs as its commander. He was promoted to Major in 2009 and served in the Patrol Division until his promotion to Chief.

Chief Stobart and his command staff have partnered with the National Institute of Corrections, a unit of the U.S. Department of Justice, for training and resources in the shift to Inmate Behavior Management. In addition to his long service with the FCSO, Chief Stobart served as an MP in the Ohio Army National Guard. He obtained a Graduate Certificate in Management Development from the School of Industrial Labor and Relations of Cornell University, and he is graduate of Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command. Chief Stobart has received numerous awards from the Buckeye Sheriff's Association, the American Legion Award of Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and received an award on Capitol Hill as a Finalist for National Correctional Supervisor of the Year. He serves as Board Member of the National Institute of Jail Operation Jail Training Advisory Committee of the National Sheriff's Association as well as the Franklin County Re-entry Coalition, and the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board.