Franklin County Sheriff

Franklin County I.C.A.C. Task Force

The goal of the Franklin County I.C.A.C. Task Force is to aggressively investigate cases involving the online exploitation of children and child pornography. Cases are investigated on a proactive and reactive basis. Since the task force was formed in 2009, over 400 sexual predators have been arrested and brought to justice. The task force has (16) investigators and (1) supervisor.

The following applications or Apps are commonly used by kids on their smartphone devices. These devices include iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, etc. These applications are a predators dream. We are seeing that kids are posting very private information about themselves and are posting messages and status updates about subject matter that is inappropriate and it all appears to not be policed. Recent complaints and investigations conducted by the task force suggests that predators are creating profiles on the above listed applications and posing as juveniles as a way to get closer to children. Thats why its so important to express to your children the importance of only friending someone online that they actually know.

Mobile Apps Parents Should Be Aware Of

Meet Me


This application is very similar to Facebook. It allows users to see other peoples posting, much like a news feed in Facebook. It has a geo-locating feature on it, so whenever you post a status update, it tells others how many miles away you are from them. It allows users to create a profile, upload photos, send private messages to other users and it also lets users search for people who also have the application that are close to them in mileage. It doesnt have a chat feature, so users will typically go to another application to chat back and forth privately.



Allows users to send photos directly to another user. Snapchat has a feature built in that only allows users to see the picture that was sent to them for a specific time period, between one and ten seconds. Once the message or image is viewed by the receiving party, the message/image cannot be viewed again. However, this does not take into account the features of SMART phone such as the screen capture, or the fact that a photo of the screen can be taken with another device. We know that through complaints weve received that kids feel more secure sending nude photos of themselves using this application because they have a sense of security that the receiving party cant save or re-disseminate the image that was sent. However, this sense of security is false, as there are other ways for the receiving party to copy the photo.



Like the other applications, Thumb resembles Facebook. However, the premise of Thumb is for users to upload photos and have them rated by other users.



Is very similar to Meet Me. It allows users to create a profile, add friends, send messages, and share photos. Skout also has a geo-locating feature.

KiK Messenger


Allows users to chat one on one. Users can also send photos directly to another user. KiK is typically used in conjunction with other applications that do not have a chat platform.

Safety Tips