Franklin County Sheriff

S.W.A.T. Team

The Franklin County Sheriff s SWAT Unit operates under the authority of the Franklin County Sheriff, and is under the direction of the Chief Deputy of the Investigations Division. The Sheriff has made this unit available to all jurisdictions within Franklin County and the State of Ohio under Homeland Security, in times of need. The SWAT unit is comprised of twenty-one Deputy Sheriffs broken down as follows: the SWAT Commander, 2 Team Leaders, 18 Operators, and a 3 member medical team consisting of 2 paramedics and a doctor. Four Sheriff's Emergence Response Team members are also attached to the team and are responsible for driving and maintaining vehicles.

The SWAT Unit averages over one hundred call outs per year. The situations giving rise to these call outs have included: Hostage rescue, Barricaded individuals with deadly weapons, Drug raids, High Risk Arrest Warrants, Warrant sweeps, and protection of dignitaries.

The SWAT Unit conducts twenty hours of in-service training each month preparing unit members to operate as a team in various scenarios that they have encountered or potentially may encounter. These training days are also used to maintain their mandated high skill level in their use of specialized weapons and equipment.