Franklin County Sheriff

Sheriff's Artist

After serving his Country on the Destroyer U.S.S. Irwin in 7 major Pacific engagements in the United States Navy from 1943-1949, Officer William Needles joined the Columbus Division of Police serving from 1950-1981. Best known as being the first composite sketch artist for the Columbus Division of Police, Officer Needles drew sketches of hundreds of robbers, murderers, forgers, rapists, and missing persons. Early on, many of his sketches were admitted to court as evidence, establishing a legal precedent in the State of Ohio. He may in fact, be the nation's precedent setter in the use of composite drawings to track down criminals.

Besides composite drawings, Bill's natural artistic abilities by being creative with his many paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures truly label's now Deputy Bill Needles as a living legend in his field. After retiring from the Columbus Division of Police, he wasted no time continuing his current 49 consecutive year span as a law enforcement officer when he joined the Franklin County Sheriff's Office as a "Special Deputy." Some 16 years later, Deputy Needles continues the job he first started.

We encourage Web site visitors to view the many original pieces that are now "on display" for all to see with permission and compliments of Deputy Bill Needles. Enjoy, as we have over the many years that Bill has and continues to this day Artistically entertain all of us.

All artist renderings are copyright and the sole property of Deputy Bill Needles and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Duplication, printing, and/or use of these images is strictly prohibited!