Franklin County Sheriff

Operation Street Smart for a New A.G.E.

Adult Gang Education

Operation Street Smart for a New A.G.E. (Adult Gang Education) is a gang awareness and identification program taught to anyone with a nexus to children. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Columbus, OH offers the program at no cost via a federal grant. Cpl. Charley Brown and Deputy Shawn Boyd instruct the training program, which covers a broad spectrum of gang related issues. First implemented in a presentation for courthouse employees in the summer of 2006, though research and development only began in late in 2005. Since then the program has been presented hundreds times in Franklin County and around the state to thousands of attendees.

Training provided during this program includes recognition of traditional street gangs (Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation, People Nation, and Asian street gangs), Hispanic street gangs (Norteño, Sureños, and MS13), Hybrid or "Pop Up" gangs (neighborhood criminal gangs not aligned with major national street gangs). We also peer into gang identifiers, graffiti, gang hand signs, and the influence of various forms of media and gang marketing on our youth. Then, the program provides basic training and identification on the "One Percenters" (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs), Hate Groups, Satanic Cults (including the influence of the Goth Culture, Vampirism, and the Insane Clown Posse "ICP" phenomenon). The class will discuss the infiltration of gang and hate-group members into our Armed Forces branches. Finally, the program emphasizes the need for open lines of communication between the public and law enforcement to combat the gang associated problems in our communities.

This program has been well received wherever it has been taught, including sessions for the Ohio Judicial College, various law enforcement entities, firefighters, and the local office of Homeland Security. The training has also been presented to Franklin County Children's Services employees, foster care workers, teachers, parents, church groups, and various other community partners. It has also been instructed at Ohio Dominican University and The Ohio State University as part of their Sociology / Social Problems programs.

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