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S.A.L.T. - Seniors and Law Enforcement Together

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office TRIAD/SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) program is a program designed to bridge the gap between senior citizens and law enforcement. Seniors and law enforcement working together to address issues and concerns that involve crime prevention and safety issues in regards to our growing population of seniors. The ultimate goal of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is to make seniors more aware of the crimes that they could become victims of due to the high level of trust they have for anyone they may meet in the public.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office joined a national program called TRIAD that brings together the National Sheriff's Association, AARP and the International Association of Police Chiefs.

The National Association of Triads is a partnership of three organizations - law enforcement, older adults, and community groups. The purpose of Triad is to promote older adult safety and to reduce the fear of crime that older adults often experience. NATI assists at the grassroots level, helping you organize your Triad and providing a clearinghouse of programs and resources that can be implemented at a community level, and training materials for law enforcement, volunteers, and community groups.


To apply, complete the Seniors and Law Enforcement Together Form and email it to

What Triads do:

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