Operation Street Smart : Adult Gang Education

FCSO Deputies Provide Training to Help Combat Gangs

Have you seen graffiti on a wall or bridge in your neighborhood? You may think it is innocent or kids being kids, but it could be a symbol of a larger issue. Gangs use graffiti to recruit members, deliver a message to another gang, or as an advertisement for drugs. This is a small piece of what you will learn in the FCSO Operation Street Smart Adult Gang Education program. This summer, Community Relations Dep. Tyler McDowell attended for the second year in a row the National Gang Crime Research Center training and completely revamped the Adult Gang Education program. With new and updated information and statistics, Dep. McDowell explains the problem of gangs in our community and provides the awareness needed to combat the issue. In the first three months of 2016, deputies have presented the program about ten times.

The program is designed to educate parents, teachers, social workers, community partners, and anyone with a nexus to children about current gang trends, terminology, culture, and media influences. Included in the presentation is a history of gangs, a breakdown of the different types of gangs and threat groups, and their criminal activities.The program is a 3-hour training, but can go as long as 5 hours. It is intended to educate the community on the history of gangs, current trends in gang culture, how to identify gang activity and how we as a community can work together to combat the problem.

Like many issues, gangs are a community problem that must have a community solution. Dep. McDowell explains, "The program gives advice for parents, adults, teachers and schools to be on the lookout for certain behaviors and the steps we can take as a community to combat the problem."

At the conclusion of the training program participants will be able to better identify gang activity in their schools and communities, and will be empowered to help combat this growing problem.

The program is offered free to public. If your group, organization, or business is interested, presentations can be scheduled by contacting Deputy McDowell at 614.525.5009 or by emailing Deputy McDowell at tjmcdowe@franklincountyohio.gov

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Operation Street Smart - Adult Gang Education