Franklin County Sheriff

1st Sheriff

Colonel Ebenezer Sproat

He's a Buckeye! -- is a phrase understood in every State in the Union. This phraise was first coined at Marietta by some Indians watching a parade of officials. On September 2, 1788, Indians representing more powerful tribes of the northwest were assembled at Marietta to negotiate treaties. A great parade of all officials in the settlement marched to Campus Martius Hall to open the first court. The Indians were deeply impressed with the pageant, especially with Colonel Ebenezer Sproat, High Sheriff. He carried a drawn sword, was over six feet tall, and so pleased the natives with his gallantry and size that they cried out, "Heap big Hetuk." Hetuk is the Indian name for buckeye. The nickname never left Colonel/Sheriff Sproat and was gradually confered upon all Ohio citizens.