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Deputy Sheriff in Corrections

The Sheriff's Office is building an eligibility list for a 2015 class of Deputy Sheriffs. Interested candidates must register with the National Testing Network, sign up for a testing date, and complete the pre-employment test and personal history questionnaire (PHQ). Candidates who pass the pre-employment examination will be contacted directly by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and scheduled for a pre-employment physical abilities test (PAT). The PHQ will be reviewed for applicants who pass both the pre-employment examination and the PAT. Applicants are reminded that providing false information at any point in the process is grounds for removal from the hiring process.

Although NTN allows candidates to test every six (6) months, candidate scores are only accepted by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office once per calendar year.

To Schedule a Test:

To fill out an application and schedule a test, go to, select "Corrections Jobs" and sign up for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

All correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address provided to NTN. Therefore, it is critical that applicants provide a current e-mail address that is checked regularly. Applicants will be notified by e-mail of their scheduled PAT date and time. The date and time for the PAT has not been scheduled yet.

Testing will be held open until enough applicants have passed to create an eligibility pool. An announcement will be posted on this page approximately two (2) weeks prior to the last test date being administered.

Only Deputy candidates who have been notified of successful completion of the PAT may access the Sheriff's Office Deputy employment application below.

View Available Jobs

Job Title asc Description Apply By Apply Online
Deputy Sheriff 2015 Until Filled Apply
Facility Security Specialist Controls egress and ingress at assigned facility; maintains a record of all visitors to and from the facility according to policies and procedures. Patrols facilities as scheduled; checks all doors and windows to make sure they are secured; Escorts housekeeping personnel, employees, visitors and other personnel as directed and within the County facilities. ** Second and third shift only Until Filled Apply
Cook 1 This is a Cook assigned to one of the Corrections Facilities. Until Filled Apply
Corrections Records Officer Under general supervision, this position establishes and reviews files for persons coming into or being released from the Correctional facility for proper documentation; monitors the movements of inmates within the facility and is responsible for maintaining records for inmates related to slating, custody and releasing. ** Second and Third shift only. Until Filled Apply

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"I encourage minorities and women to apply for positions on my staff. It is essential that law enforcement reflect the diversity of the community that it serves. By doing so, we demonstrate our respect for the people we serve and the values of our institutions and laws." - Sheriff Zach Scott