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Sheriff's Office Stands With Commissioners In Declaring Racism Public Health Crisis

A Sheriff’s number one responsibility is to provide public safety.  That responsibility is not restricted to criminal activity.  Any situation that endangers people is a serious concern and needs to be addressed, especially by public officials. 
On May 12, 2020, racism was declared a public health crisis by Franklin County Public Health.  The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office stands in support of this declaration and in support of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners’ Resolution No. 0341-20.
Racism has far too long impacted our communities with devastating effects and it must be eradicated by all available means to elected officials.  I am very proud of the strides made by all Sheriff’s Office personnel and we will continue to vigorously support these efforts both within and outside of the Sheriff’s Office.
Sheriff Dallas Baldwin

Commissioner John Ogrady

John o'grady

kevin boyce

commissioner &
president ericA crawley