safety tips: If you are the victim of a crime


Remain calm and do not panic

  • Try to obtain a helpful description of the assailant. Age, sex, race, height, weight, type of clothing, and distinguishing marks will be valuable to the police when searching for the assailant. If a vehicle is involved, try to remember its make and license plate number.
  • Don't resist if the assailant has a gun or knife and is only after your valuables. Property can be replaced!
  • If resistance is an option, don't get scared, get mad! Shout "No!", "Stop!", "Fire!", or "Call the Police!" loudly and forcefully.
  • Do what you can to distract the assailant long enough to escape safely.
  • After you have become the victim of a crime or have witnessed a crime, call the police immediately. Identify yourself and your location.