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Professional Services Bureau

The Professional Services Bureau of Corrections Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations of both Franklin County Corrections Center – including corrections staff, kitchen services, commissary, social services, medical/mental health, and the chapel.

The PSB consists of the following personnel:


  • 6 Storekeepers
  • 2 Supervisors

Social Services

  • 6 Social Workers
  • 1 Supervisor


  • 1 Chaplain


  • 17 Cooks
  • 2 Supervisors

Medical/Mental Health Care

  • Contracted professionals with NaphCare
  • 1 Contract Monitor/Clinical Liaison
  • 1 Contract Monitor/Health Services Coordinator
  • 3 Medical Health Coordinators

20 Corrections Classification Specialists

48 Corrections Service Coordinators

37 Corrections Record Officers

8 Corrections Record Officer Supervisors

1 Secretary

7 Deputies

8 Sergeants

3 Lieutenants

1 Captain


PSB will provide the inmates incarcerated within Franklin County Corrections with quality, fair, and consistent profession services in accordance with National Commission on Correctional Health Care 9NCCHC), Minimum Standards for Full Service Facilities in Ohio, and Ohio Revised Code (ORC) while preparing them to be productive members of the community upon their release.


PSB will work collaboratively with community partnerships and with members of the Franklin County Corrections to improve and enhance the quality of life for our inmates without compromising safety and security.


Honesty, Integrity, Safety, Ethics, Security, Community, Fairness, Professionalism, Excellence, Cooperation, Teamwork, Partnership, Communications, Consistency, Accountability, Acceptance, Care, Diversity, Respect, Sensitivity, and Vision are values from which PSB’s foundation was formed.


Do the right things at the right times for the right reasons.