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Research and Development

Identifying the need for a new Franklin County Corrections Center
In 2009, the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office all took a holistic look at the criminal justice system in Franklin County.  Their review of the criminal justice system led to a Detention Operations Master Plan being commissioned and completed.  As part of the recommendations that emerged from this plan, the need for more modern facilities and operational policies were highlighted and discussions began.

In 2011 a staffing study was jointly commissioned by Board of Commissioners and Sheriff’s Office.  The study, which came out in 2012, again identified the need for new facilities and philosophies, as it reported on the staffing inefficiencies created by the Corrections Bureau’s physical buildings which, in turn, were driving the overall operational philosophy.
The Correctional Operations Reorganizing for Excellence (C.O.R.E.) team came together in July of 2014, with a mission to build a constitutionally based, environmentally responsible, modern facility serving the citizens of Franklin County, and be recognized as a model in construction, policy & operations, leading our profession into the future.  In seeking out the best practices for designing, programming and operating a modern correctional facility, the C.O.R.E. team consulted with more than 25 Sheriff’s Offices and law enforcement agencies from around the state and country.
The Franklin County Commissioners and Sheriff’s Office held a ground breaking for the new Franklin County Corrections Center, located at 2551 Fisher Road, on November 6, 2017.  Check back for status updates of this project and information about the ideas & thought processes that went into designing the new facility.