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Canine Unit

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office Canine Unit is a part of the Patrol Bureau. Responsibilities include tracking of criminal suspects and lost persons, evidence recovery, bomb detection, drug detection, and general patrol duties. The Canine Unit is one of the few available in central Ohio and their use is often requested by other agencies.
The unit also goes to schools, fairs, and other public events to demonstrate the important work they do, as well as showing the public how well they are trained in getting the bad guys – while also showing how friendly and loving they are with the good guys.
All of the canines in this unit are trained in general police work, along with a specialize focus.

K9-1 Sgt.  Craig Sprang and Ghost - Narcotics/Patrol


K9-3 Deputy Jeremey Copas and Atrey - Explosives/Patrol

K9-4 Deputy Zach Cooper and Indy - Narcotics/Patrol


K9-5 Deputy Jimmy McCoy - Nitro - Narcotics/Patrol

K9-6 Deputy Mike Severance and Hazen Jay - Narcotics/Patrol


K9-7 Deputy Travis Carter and Onyx - Narcotics/Patrol

K9-8 Deputy William Castle and Zuul - Explosives/Patrol



Phone Number: (614) 525-3300

For emergencies contact (614) 525-3333