Police And Clergy Together (P.A.C.T)

The FCSO Police And Clergy Together (or P.A.C.T.) Program trains local clergy from within FCSO's jurisdiction (Zones 1-4) how to assist law enforcement with crowd management and victim assistance, in the event of a sudden act of violence or tragedy (e.g. school shooting, officer-involved shooting, homicide, suicide, etc.). 

Clergy from around Franklin County are provided six (6) months of training on the following: 

  • Scene Dispatch
  • On-Scene Conduct
  • On-Scene Victim Support
  • Crowd Management

Clergy participants are also given the opportunity to take a ride-a-long with a deputy in the FCSO Patrol Bureau, that is assigned to their zone. This allows P.A.C.T. members to have a "cruiser-side view" of their community, to ensure that that they are able to under stand some of the community dynamics that law enforcement typically encounters.  

for more information about the fcso p.a.c.t. program, please contact 

napoleon bell