Community Intervention and Diversion

In support of the Stepping Up Initiative (a national initiative to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jails) the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has created the Community Intervention and Diversion (CID).  The mission of CID is to coordinate the response of law enforcement and the behavioral health system as well as to assist individuals experiencing crisis resulting from known or suspected mental illness and/or drug and alcohol addiction. The goal is to divert persons from the criminal justice system whenever possible and connect them with appropriate mental health/substance abuse services.
CID currently consists of one sergeant, four deputies and two Netcare clinicians.  All deputies within the unit are Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) certified. CIT is a police-based pre-arrest jail diversion program. The program is designed to create a seamless link between law enforcement and emergency mental health services. CIT officers receive approximately 40 hours of training in areas including psychiatric disorders, substance abuse issues, de-escalation techniques, and in legal issues related to mental health and substance abuse. 
CID Team Members –
Deputy Neil Branson
Deputy Brent McKitrick
Deputy Joe Pearson
Deputy Laura Richards
Clinician Shawn Daniels
Clinician Michelle Peterson
Sergeant Scott Blacker

If you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis and would like to speak to a licensed and experienced crisis clinician, click here. You will have the option to speak to someone over the telephone or you may choose to utilize their “live chat” service over the internet. This is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Sheriff Baldwin Recognized at the 2nd Annual Netcare Awards & Recognition Dinner


For more information please contact:

Sgt. Scott Blacker

Phone: (614) 525-3333

For more information on a current inmate in the Franklin County Corrections Center please contact:

(614) 525-3368

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