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Deputy - Application Steps and Hiring Process

Applicants are subject to a background investigation which includes: review of criminal records, driving records, credit report, employment verifications, personal references, initial and panel interviews along with Computer Voice Stress Analysis. All applicants must pass a pre-employment exam, medical/physical exam, psychological exam, and drug screening.

Applicants with military or corrections experience, or a degree in criminal justice is preferred, but not required.

Applicants are reminded that providing false information and non-disclosure of information requested at any point in the process is grounds for removal from the hiring process.

Deputy Application Steps and Hiring Process:

Step 1:

  • Complete the employment application in its entirety, click hereYou will be emailed a voucher to take the National Testing Network (NTN) Corrections Pre-Employment examination free of charge. Voucher codes are emailed out once per week.
  • Take the Corrections Pre-Employment examination with the National Testing Network (NTN), to visit their website, click here.
  • Send the Franklin County Sheriff's Office your test scores. You must pass all five (5) sections of the test: Video, Reading, Counting, Writing and Integrity (Public Safety Self Assessment, PSSA) .  For more information on passing scores, visit our Deputy FAQ or click here.
  • We pull scores monthly, (e.g. if you take the NTN Corrections Pre-Employment examination in March, we will pull your scores the 1st week of April.)
  • The hiring process could take at least 6 months.

Step 2:

  • You will be asked to self schedule to take the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) at our Training Academy.
  • Complete the personal history questionnaire and background release forms, emailed to those who pass the NTN test; please fill them out in their entirety.

Step 3:

  • Applicants will be emailed a Spark Hire link to video record answers to the first set of office-wide competency based interview questions.
  • Applicants with passing scores from the Spark Hire interview will be scheduled to interview with Human Resources and a panel of supervisors to address their suitability for the position.  Corrections competency based interview questions will be part of this interview.
  • If selected to proceed, a background investigation (employment verification and personal reference checks by phone or email) is conducted along with a Computer Voice Stress Analysis to verify history and information provided. 
  • Photographs and fingerprints are also taken.

Step 4:

  • All information submitted will be reviewed to determine if job requirements can be met. Upon review and approval, the candidate may be set for a panel interview with FCSO Command Staff where additional Corrections competency based interview questions will be asked for evaluation.

Step 5:

  • Those receiving conditional offers must pass a medical/physical exam to evaluate the applicant's fitness for duty along with submitting and passing a drug screening. Applicants must also pass a psychological evaluation. After this step, a formal offer may be extended.
  • New Deputy Cadets: Will be assigned to the training academy and begin 10 weeks of training OR start directly in the correctional facility assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO). Within the first year of employment those starting directly in Corrections will attend and must pass the 10-week training academy.
  • Deputy probationary period is one (1) year.