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Corrections civilian staffing is under the supervision of our Jail Administration and Professional Service Bureau whom are responsible for the day-to-day operations of both Franklin County Corrections Centers - including corrections staff, kitchen services, commissary, social services, and medical/mental health.

Sheriff’s Office Core Competencies:

  1. Commitment to Organizational Culture: Works with intention to support and promote organizational culture, transforms operational philosophy into action. Emphasizes service, collaboration, and integrity.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness, expressiveness, empathy, authenticity, sympathy, emotional connection with others to create trust.
  3. Integrity and Credibility: Walks the talk, knows what's right and does it. Effectively applies values and principles in specific situations. Encourages others to behave with integrity.
  4. Teamwork and Cooperation: Crossing boundaries, coordinating groups, makes effective use of all available talent, focused on serving the public together.

Corrections Specific Core Competencies:

  1. Analytic Thinking / Problem Solving: Problem solving, on-the-spot decision making, investigations, evaluating reports and statistics, assessing threats, crime pattern analysis, information seeking, and assessing people’s abilities.
  2. Attention to Quality & Order: Maintains or increases order in the environment, values accuracy, and quality, and seek clarity in roles and functions.
  3. Conflict Management: Respectful, facilitates rather than driving or manipulating, focuses on solutions, focuses on people, and seeks long lasting outcomes.
  4. Impact and Influence: Communication that gains others’ support, constant interpretation to others, educating others, persuading others who have fixed ways.
  5. Initiative and Time Management: Self-directed, perseverance, persistence, and sets own goals. Sees the job through. 
  6. Interpersonal Skills / Active Listening: Communicates effectively with others, crosses boundaries, initiates relationships, is focused on serving the public together.